Trinity Chapel, Lincoln’s Inn. Rendering by Jack McManus.

Participants in the Consecration Rite for Trinity Chapel

John Chamberlain, in his letter to Sir Dudley Carleton, says, of the attendance at the Consecration of Trinity Chapel, that “there was great concourse of noblemen and gentlemen wherof two or three were indaungered and taken up dead for the time with the extreme presse and thronging.”

We do not know who these unfortunate folks were, but we do know the names of at least a few of the people who were in attendance.

Clergy of the Diocese of London

George Montaigne, Bishop of London

John Donne, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral

Thomas Wilson, Chaplain to the Bishop

Thomas Worrall, Chaplain to the Bishop

Henry Martin, Chancellor, Diocese of London

Daniel Price, Chaplain to the Bishop

John Whiting, Chaplain to the Bishop

Leonard Hutton, Chaplain to the Bishop

Members of Lincoln’s Inn

Thomas Spencer — Treasurer, Lincoln’s Inn

Richard Digges — Master of the Bar, Lincoln’s Inn

Egidius Tooker — Master of the Bar, Lincoln’s Inn

William Ravenscroft — Bencher, Lincoln’s Inn

Christopher Brooke — Bencher, Lincoln’s Inn

Members of the Congregation

Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton

Sir James Ley,  Chief Justice of the King’s Bench

Sir Henry Hobart,  Chief Justice, Court of Common Pleas

Sir Humphrey  Winch, Justice, Court of Common Pleas

Sir William Jones,  Justice, Court of Common Pleas

Sir Ranulph Crewe,  The King’s Serjeant at Law

Sir Thomas Richardson, Serjeant at Law

Leonard Bawtry,  Serjeant at Law

Sir William Ayeloffe, Baronet

Sir Francis Vane

Francis Russell, later the fourth Earl of Bedford