Woburn Abbey 1

1  Littell  diferens beteun the sinner and the punisher when

    the punishment exsedes the sinn

2  belus wase   the first that  ew an Iurn s    and from

   that nam  wase caled Belh

3  Noe man but must expect protection from that man unto whom

   the protection of rome wase cummuted

4 The pepelse peace the prinses praisse

5 noe prouision expected befoer the Ks  s ed

6 The Last monthes of the yere caled from the nu se  that

   ar then as septimbrim octobrim

7 The wantse of the tiemse  riseth not so much from the baren

   nes of the soyle as negligens of the nation

8    Aks reward should be as much aboue the seruice as he is

    above the seruant

9 The  Goths recken ther cumming to age from ther abili-  


10 thos ar usually the wisest men that ar Instr t ally

    the sene  lest conuersationes

11 it wase obserued winthinthe roman empier that if

     he were aspaniard  or Frenchman under rome

    if banished his cuntry he wase banished Rome

    as being the epitomy of all the cuntries under the


12 Agd p tus    wase sent al  seler to   hottopmor ses

    the number but the p  se of the counsell

   he canot cummit in his Lief that he demed in his

   birth basness

   nistrtei  dans  his abilities were dubled

13 Ks that ar the Iudges of ment C  ar alwayse  suppo

    sed to fauor thos that haue the most

14    Theodorilus would not so much as spat but should

     be condusabell to the good of the stat

15 Nothing is mean if it satisfy amans desier

16 It is the  acte of abest to distinguish the motions

    of the sunn by the belly

17 Ks shoulde be bountifull as well to exsiet imp

    as to  reward it

18 it wase inthe pouer of the Consuls to beginn

     the yere

19 I loue  to confer secund honors wher I haue conferd

     the first as Iustifications of my former actses

Woburn Abbey 2

1 The subiects welth is the souerayns honor

2 Martianus the emperor the first that restrayned the Consuls

    from scatering munies in the stretse

3 good stetse know not how to dey

   he is the cato of our times but Lief was other mens


   as Like his father with in as with one

4 I  joy to se the tabell of my expenses incresed with

   the titell of contri  busions  to the poer

5 Nothing is so happy and aduentu  us to the beginnings

  of aKs rayn  as faem to goe befoer it

6 he that disobayse in little things disobayse in althings

    for myteater  h e  will

7 he sins to another age that Kilse his soon

8 it is apiety to punish thos that have bien impius

9 Ks bounties <w> should be profeticall one thos thing see

   will hereafter deserue it

10  tenants ar but the pabulum to

     he liued to se the chetar   mached so that priuat

     purses     m resed with it

11  thos usually ar the farthest remoued inaffection that

     ar the nighest insituation

12 not any other make abenefit of the Ks Clemensy

13 Priamus bought the buriall of his soon Hector with

     half his estat

14 anoinded soullteds uppon exclamations

15 Task  masters  liue uppon other mens loseses

16 tyrant the  Ius request but thay should nither <hau>

    requested as not to haue granted it

17 god may permit many religions in theworld the

     K not permit aboue one inastat

     it is noe acte of religion to force religion nothing is

     so free as that

18  it is an  exprobation ofte   to lett it perish with out


19 he canot but <strive to> please <most> all men that

    will not doe any man iniury

20 Other mens uises made stetamus good

21 naked honor with out the addision of sum profite to it

    is noe carreer of aprinses fauor